Yoctopuce, Swiss quality in design now in USA!

Yoctopuce, Swiss quality in design now in USA!

Recently we have concluded a USA distribution agreement with Yoctopuce of Switzerland. Swiss quality in design and manufacture of miniature functional boards! In their own words:

Who are we?

Yoctopuce is a company based in Geneva, Switzerland. It has been founded by three engineers with the intent of enabling anyone to create simple systems to automate daily tasks, implement original ideas or simply build home automation gadgets. Yoctopuce products make it possible to quickly and easily build quality automation solutions, with an attractive form factor, without any prior knowledge of electronics, and without necessarily using a soldering iron.

Yoctopuce products are designed both for professionals, looking for simple solutions that they can integrate easily, and for hobbyists, without advanced knowledge in computer science. In both cases, the value of our products resides in the attention we pay to simplicity and quality:

  • Our products are essentially USB peripherals that are easy to connect and require neither a driver, nor a particular operating system configuration.
  • Our programming interface (API) has been carefully designed to be easy to use. We are working on making it available for a broad range of programming languages used by our customers.
  • We care also about physical properties of our products: we only use high-quality materials, and provide convenient mechanical dimensions and anchor points, etc. We do all the manufacturing in-house.
  • Our modules are as small as we could make them without sacrificing to physical properties. This makes it possible to build nice-looking integrated solutions interfacing multiple modules.
  • To enable long-lasting solutions, we have designed the boards so that USB cables can easily be replaced by soldered connectors, and firmware can be updated remotely.

We hope that you will appreciate our products and our services. Any suggestion to make them even better is welcome.

We are actively searching for new USB powered and digitally compatible products such as RADIATION SENSORS, WATER CHEMISTRY SENSORS, LIQUID AND GAS FLOW METERS, all with a miniature footprint.


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