• Beta test offer!

    For several years, we have been offering different YoctoHubs to connect Yoctopuce USB sensors directly to a network, without using a computer. But as you may have noticed, we didn’t throw ourselves headlong into cutting-edge technologies, especially when standards are split: LoRa, Sigfox, LTE-M, NB-IoT, 5G… With the multiplication of networks aimed at the IoT, […]

  • Phidgets announces availability of the new VINT networking modules.

    What Is VINT? VINT stands for Versatile Interface, and it’s the system that all modern Phidgets use to communicate. Everything is backwards compatible and we still support all direct-to-USB Phidgets. A VINT Hub is a Phidget that has a number of VINT ports than can be used to connect to other Phidgets, or directly to switches, LEDs or sensors. […]

  • An update from Yoctopuce.

    As part of our effort to continuously improve our products, we are currently updating a number of them in order to apply the recommendations of IEC 61010-1 standard. This change is important in particular for devices that may be connected to the mains (240 V AC). For these products, we are switching from a simple functional insulation (340V) […]

  • Yoctopuce, Swiss quality in design now in USA!

    Yoctopuce, Swiss quality in design now in USA! Recently we have concluded a USA distribution agreement with Yoctopuce of Switzerland. Swiss quality in design and manufacture of miniature functional boards! In their own words: Who are we? Yoctopuce is a company based in Geneva, Switzerland. It has been founded by three engineers with the intent […]

  • Meet us at the Makers Faire

    As the makers of all the Phidgets (physical widgets) that tech-heads and inventors could possibly want, we have been pretty happy spreading the word online via our website and the various social media sites we participate in. But the best way to spread the word about all of the amazing products we produce is face […]