1129_1 Capacitive Touch Sensor

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The 1129_1 Capacitive Touch Sensor can detect a touch through plastic, glass, or paper. We recommend a material thickness of up to 1/2”.

The sensor can work as a close proximity sensor, sensing objects at a distance of up to 1/2” from the board in all directions without direct contact.

On the bottom side of the Touch Sensor there is a small exposed metallic pad. A soldered connection can be made to the pad to increase the size and dimensions of the touchable area, such as attaching the sensor to a metallic object or some wire.

This particular revision of the 1129 has a new sensing chip that recalibrates after 45 seconds of contact (as opposed to 60 seconds on the previous revision). Other than that, this sensor will function the same as the 1129_0.

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Comparisons with previous versions

Sensitivity (Thickness of Material)1/8″1/2″1/2″
Sensor value when Touching0 (0V)1000 (5V)1000 (5V)
Recalibration TimeoutN/A60s45s

Product Specifications of 1129_1 Capacitive Touch Sensor

Sensor Properties
Sensor TypeTouch (Capacitive)
Controlled ByVoltageRatio Input
Sensor Output TypeRatiometric
Detecting Distance Max12.7 mm
Electrical Properties
Current Consumption Max500 μA
Output Impedance1 kΩ
Supply Voltage Min1.8 V DC
Supply Voltage Max5.5 V DC
Physical Properties
Operating Temperature Min-40 °C
Operating Temperature Max85 °C

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