1057_2B Phidget Encoder HighSpeed


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  • Note: The 1057_2B Phidget Encoder HighSpeed is that same as the 1057_2, except that you have the option of whether you want to include the USB cable and encoder cable.The Encoder HighSpeed connects to any typical two-bit optical encoder and can return up to 2,000,000 pulses (that is, 500,000 full quadrature cycles) per second. Specifically it reads a standard incremental non-differential TTL encoder.With it you can:
    • Detect changes in incremental position
    • Easily track changes with respect to time

1057_2B Phidget Encoder HighSpeed comes packaged with

  • A Hardware mounting kit (4 nuts and bolts (M3), 4 plastic spacers)

Product Specifications of 1057_2B Phidget Encoder HighSpeed

Encoder Interface
Controlled By USB (Mini-USB)
API Object Name Encoder
Number of Encoder Inputs 1
Count Rate Max 2E+06 pulses/s
Encoder Interface Resolution x4
Update Rate 125 samples/s
Time Resolution 1 ms
Encoder Input Low Voltage Max 800 mV DC
Encoder Input High Voltage Min 3.6 V DC
Encoder Pull-up Resistance 2.2 kΩ
USB Speed Low Speed
Electrical Properties
Current Consumption Max 100 mA
Current Consumption Min 20 mA
USB Voltage Min 4.8 V DC
USB Voltage Max 5.3 V DC
Physical Properties
Operating Temperature Min 0 °C
Operating Temperature Max 70 °C

SKU: 1057_2B
TITLE: 1057_2B Phidget Encoder HighSpeed

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