1054_0B Phidget FrequencyCounter

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This 1054_0B Phidget FrequencyCounter is designed to count events from an analog signal over time and calculate a frequency from it. The product can count a logic level or signal centered around zero volts. Signals with a different ground can be counted, provided they are within the common mode range (±10V).

The Frequency Counter can also power small devices, such as Hall effect, flow rate sensors, tachometers, and other sensors.

This Frequency Counter contains two channels to sense two different inputs. Each channel has two different circuits to sense for logic level-frequencies or zero-centered frequencies. The measurable frequency is accurate to 0.25% up to 1MHz. The Frequency Counter may measure frequencies past 1 Mhz, but the input voltage specifications will not hold.

This Frequency Counter can measure frequencies down to ~ 0.01Hz. However the response time of these measurements is directly related to the frequency, thus it could take 1 or 2 periods(100-200s) to detect the input frequency.

Note: The 1054_0B is identical to the 1054_0, except that you have the option of whether you want to include the USB cable.

1054_0B Phidget FrequencyCounter comes Packaged with

  • A Hardware mounting kit (4 nuts and bolts (M3), 4 plastic spacers)

Product Specifications of 1054_0B Phidget FrequencyCounter

FrequencyCounter Input
API Object NameFrequencyCounter
Controlled ByUSB (Mini-USB)
Number of Channels2
Frequency Error Max0.25 %
Input Frequency Max1 MHz
Frequency Input Voltage Max± 20 V DC
Amplitude Min (Zero-Centered Input)110 mV DC
Hysteresis (Zero-Centered Input)± 30 mV DC
Ground Offset Min-6.3 V DC
Ground Offset Max10.3 V DC
Low Voltage Max (False)800 mV DC
High Voltage Min (True)3 V DC
Electrical Properties
USB Voltage Min4.8 V DC
USB Voltage Max5.3 V DC
USB SpeedFull Speed
Current Consumption Max42 mA
Available External Current450 mA
Input Impedance(30pF) 332 kΩ
Physical Properties
Recommended Wire Size16 – 26 AWG
Operating Temperature Min0 °C
Operating Temperature Max70 °C

TITLE: 1054_0B Phidget FrequencyCounter