ENC4109_0 40 CPR Quadrature Encoder




There are so many projects that require motor position control that Phidgets decided to make an inexpensive, reliable option. The ENC4109_0 40 CPR Quadrature Encoder is exactly that: an affordable optical quadrature encoder that is compatible with the mounting pattern of the majority of the DC and stepper motors sold here.

How to Install

See the User Guide tab for a step-by step installation guide for this encoder.


This encoder connects to a quadrature encoder interface. The encoder cable provided with this encoder is compatible with all Phidgets encoder interfaces. See the Compatible Products tab for details.

ENC4109_0 40 CPR Quadrature Encoder comes packaged With

ENC4109 Parts

  • 2 Mounting Screws
  • Encoder Wheel, PCB, Base and Cap
  • 3035_0 – Encoder Cable

Product Specifications of ENC4109_0 40 CPR Quadrature Encoder

Encoder Properties
Controlled By Encoder Interface
Output Circuit Type Push-Pull
Encoder Speed Max 6000 RPM
Encoder Resolution 40 CPR
Electrical Properties
Supply Voltage Min 2.7 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 7 V DC
Output Frequency Max 12.5 kHz
Physical Properties
Operating Temperature Min -40 °C
Operating Temperature Max 85 °C
IP Rating IP65

TITLE: ENC4109_0 40 CPR Quadrature Encoder

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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