1140_1B Absolute Air Pressure Sensor 20-400 kPa


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The 1140_1B Absolute Air Pressure Sensor 20-400 kPa is a gas pressure sensor that measures the absolute pressure of its environment. It can measure pressures from 20 kPa to 400 kPa.

This sensor is designed to measure the pressure of clean, non-condensing air. Contact with moist air (i.e, human breath), dusty air, or other gases can damage the sensor.

The Absolute Gas Pressure Sensor provides an accurate, high level analog input signal that is proportional to the environment’s pressure. The minimum pressure measurement for this sensor is 20 kPa. Any value lower than 20 kPa cannot be accurately distinguished. Ports The sensor port has a diameter of 2.79mm to 3.30 mm (nominal 3mm).

1140_0 Absolute Pressure Sensor 20-400 kPa Formulas

The Formula to translate SensorValue into Pressure is: {Pressure (kPa)}= (SensorValue)/{9.2} + 10.652 {Pressure (psi)} = (SensorValue)/{63.45} + 1.54 Note: 1.0 kPa = 0.145 psi

Product Specifications of 1140_1B Absolute Air Pressure Sensor 20-400 kPa

Sensor Properties
Controlled By VoltageRatio Input
Sensor Type Gas Pressure (Absolute)
Sensor Output Type Ratiometric
Pressure Min 20 kPa
Pressure Max 400 kPa
Case Pressure Max 1.6 MPa
Pressure Resolution 413 Pa
Measurement Error Max ± 1.5 %
Warm-up Time 20 ms
Response Time Max 1 ms
Electrical Properties
Supply Voltage Min 4.8 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 5.3 V DC
Current Consumption Max 10 mA
Output Impedance 1 kΩ
Output Voltage Min 200 mV DC
Output Voltage Max 4.8 V DC
Physical Properties
Operating Temperature Min -40 °C
Operating Temperature Max 125 °C
Recommended Tubing Size 332

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TITLE: 1140_1B Absolute Air Pressure Sensor 20-400 kPa

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