Electric home brewery with Phidgets

Interested in building an all electric home brewery without having to rely on propane? Check out the series that does just that. Part 1 covers the brew kettle, and part 2 will cover the fermentation chamber.

“I live in Calgary, where we have snow and subzero temperatures for a large chunk of the year. I wanted to be able to brew year-round, so that meant brewing inside. Propane inside is a really bad idea, so that meant going all-electric. Phidgets has almost everything you need to build a control box for an electric brew kettle.

There is some good information online about building an electric kettle, but a lot of it glosses over the control portion, focussing instead on kettle conversion. Even when control is discussed, it’s generally done with industrial PID controllers. I wanted to write my own software to control the process. This article focuses on the control panel, which is built around a PhidgetSBC4, with software written in C.

I run an EBIAB (electric brew-in-a-bag) setup, so I’m only controlling / monitoring a single kettle, but it would be easy to scale up to multiple inputs/outputs.”

See the full article at https://www.phidgets.com/?view=articles&article=Brewing1 for instructions, hardware, source code and the works.

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