Renewable Energy research on Long Island

Cost Effective Energy Production from Biomass Waste

Prof. Hazem Tawfik, Ph.D., P.E., C.Mfg.E.
SUNY Distinguished Service Professor

Director of the Institute for Research and Technology Transfer
Chair of Mechanical Engineering Technology and Automotive Tech Department

Director of the Renewable Energy from Biomass Waste Project


Recent concerns over the security and reliability of the world’s energy supply combined with constant fluctuation in oil prices have caused a flux towards the research and development of renewable and cost effective energy sources. A leading renewable source has been found in the biomass of biological materials derived from organic matters such as wood chips, forest debris, and farm waste that are found in abundance in the USA. There is a very strong interest worldwide in the development of technologies that allow the coupling of biomass gasification and energy producing systems to generate combined heat and power.


The current research work at the Institute for Research and Technology Transfer (IRTT) aims to further the development of biomass energy systems to generate cost effective energy in comparison to other energy production systems as shown in Figure (1) below.  The figure below.

shows the biomass with comparable total cost of electricity production per kWh to other systems such as hydroelectric, coal and nuclear power systems. The research and development is continuing at IRTT to further the cost reduction of the Biomass energy below the current cost.

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