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YWATTMK1 Yocto Watt Wattmeter REV D


This device is a watt-meter. It will allow you to monitor the power consumption of almost any electrical device, and includes a built-in data logger.

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The Yocto Watt Wattmeter is a Swiss-made digital wattmeter that monitors the power consumption of an electrical device. Its works with both AC and DC current. Regarding AC current, the device computes the real power consumption (not just the product of RMS voltage and current), so it can be used to monitor inductive loads. The Yocto-Watt can compute the poser consumption during a given lapse of time. Accuracy will be 1mWh, 1%.

This device is isolated, which means that the sensing part is electrically disconnected from the USB part: you can measure any voltage difference between -250V and 250V, without risk of frying your computer. The modules provides immediate reading on USB, and can also store measures on the device internal flash for later retrieval when connected again by USB.

This device can be connected directly to an Ethernet network using a YoctoHub Ethernet, to a WiFi network using a YoctoHub Wireless-g, it can even be connected to a GSM network thanks to the YoctoHub GSM.

USB cables and enclosure to be ordered separately.

Specifications for YWATTMK1 Yocto Watt Wattmeter

Manufacturer Product Number – YWATTMK1
Product name – Yocto-Watt
Hardware release – Rev. D
Width – 50mm
Length – 58mm
Weight – 20g
USB connector – micro-B
Max current (Cont.) – 16A
Refresh rate – 10Hz (DC)
Max working voltage – 250V AC
USB bus insulation – 3kV
Accuracy (AC) – 0.2 W / 3%
Accuracy (DC) – 0.002 W / 1.5%
Supported Operating Systems – Windows, Linux (Intel + ARM), Mac OS X, Android
Drivers – no driver needed
API / SDK / Libraries – (USB+TCP)C++, Objective-C, C#, VB .NET, Delphi, Python, Java/Android
API / SDK / Libraries – (TCP only)Javascript, Node.js, PHP, Java
RoHS – yes
Suggested enclosure – YoctoBox-Watt-Black
Made in – Switzerland

1These specifications are for the current hardware revision. Specifications for earlier revisions may differ.


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