YD128X64 Yocto MaxiDisplay


Small USB-driven OLED display (light blue), for text, images (128×64 pixels) and animated sequences.

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The Yocto MaxiDisplay is a Swiss-made 128×64 OLED display, driven directly from USB. It features a built-in controller capable of rendering simple graphic objects, displaying text with various fonts and even play pre-recorded animated sequences. Since it requires no driver, it is ideal as a control panel for embedded applications driven by a mini-PC like a Raspberry Pi or MK802.

The device includes a flash-based filesystem to store files (GIF images, font files, animated sequences) and six analog inputs (for reading potentiometers, buttons, knobs or photodiodes) similar to those of the Yocto Knob.

This device can be connected directly to an Ethernet network using a YoctoHub Ethernet, to a WiFi network using a YoctoHub Wireless-g, it can even be connected to a GSM network thanks to the YoctoHub GSM.

SKU: YD128X64

Specifications of YD128X64 Yocto MaxiDisplay

Manufacturer Product Number – YD128X64
Product name – Yocto-MaxiDisplay
Display area – 57 x 29.5mm
Width – 58mm
Length – 66mm
Weight – 23g
USB connector  – micro-B
Resolution – 128 x 64px
Supported Operating Systems – Windows, Linux (Intel + ARM), Mac OS X, Android
Drivers – no driver needed
API / SDK / Libraries (USB+TCP) – C++, Objective-C, C#, VB .NET, Delphi, Python, Java/Android
API / SDK / Libraries (TCP only)  Javascript, Node.js, PHP, Java
RoHS – yes
Suggested enclosure – YoctoBox-MaxiDisplay
Made in Switzerland

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 0.5 in


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