SAF1000_0 Programmable Power Guard Phidget

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Protect your circuit and power supply by detecting and preventing overvoltage and overtemperature situations.


When a high-power motor stalls or stops suddenly, it may generate a high-voltage surge that can damage the circuitry of the motor controller and burn out the power supply. The SAF1000_0 Programmable Power Guard Phidget is designed to protect your hardware from such an event by preventing current from flowing back into the power supply, and by providing a heatsink and fan for the excess power to dissipate. This board is designed for high current systems and is capable of protecting your equipment from even the largest of power spikes. Simply connect your power supply’s positive wire to the 8-30V input lug, connect your device’s positive wire to the output lug, and wire both grounds to the ground lug.

SKU: SAF1000_0

Power Control and Safety Features

Since this is an intelligent VINT device, the over voltage trigger can be modified in software to accomodate for different power supplies. Similarly, the fan can be switched on or off, or it can be set to turn on when a certain temperature threshold is passed. You can also choose to switch the power off through software, like a relay. Even if communication between this board and the computer is interrupted, it will continue to power the device and protect against the last chosen overvoltage trigger.

Isolated for Stability

The VINT port on this board is electrically isolated from the rest of the board in order to improve stability by eliminating ground loops.

We strongly recommend using this Phidget according to the table below:

Recommended Use

ControllerMotor Rated CurrentSuggested Power Guard
STC1000Less than 1.5ANone
STC10001.5A to 5ASAF2000
STC1000Greater than 5ASAF1000
DCC1000Less than 1ANone
DCC10001A to 5ASAF2000
DCC1000Greater than 5ASAF1000


Product Specifications for SAF1000_0 Programmable Power Guard Phidget

Board Properties
Controlled ByVINT
Power Supply Protector
Overvoltage SettingSelectable via software 8 – 33 VDC
Overtemperature Trigger125 å¡C
Sampling Interval Min100 ms/sample
Sampling Interval Max 60 s/sample
Fan Trigger75 å¡C
Electrical Properties
Continuous Current50 A
Current Consumption Min (VINT Port)100 ë_A
Supply Voltage Min8 V DC
Supply Voltage Max30 V DC
Power Consumption250 mW
Physical Properties
Recommended Wire Size6 – 14 AWG
Operating Temperature Min-40 å¡C
Operating Temperature Max85 å¡C