SAF2000_0 Power Guard Phidget

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Protect your power supply from surges caused by sudden braking on a motor controller with this tiny Phidget.


This power guard phidget complements the new generation of motor controllers from Phidgets Inc. which are able to rapidly change motor directions, strongly brake the motor, and produce power with regenerative braking. Battery powered systems can easily absorb these surges of power – but most Power Supplies will immediately fail if a power surge is detected on the output.

The SAF2000_0 Phidget  Power Guard has three functions:

  • Prevent power on the output from flowing back to the input
  • Clamp the output at 37 Volts during power surges, to protect the motor controllers
  • Conveniently convert a 5.5×2.1mm Power Jack to a terminal block

We strongly recommend using this Phidget according to the table below:

SKU: SAF2000_0

Recommended Use for the SAF2000_0 Power Guard (Phidget)

ControllerMotor Rated CurrentSuggested Power Guard
STC1000Less than 1.5ANone
STC10001.5A to 5ASAF2000
STC1000Greater than 5ASAF1000
DCC1000Less than 1ANone
DCC10001A to 5ASAF2000
DCC1000Greater than 5ASAF1000


Product Specifications

Electrical Properties
Trip Voltage37 V DC
Continuous Current5 A
Physical Properties
Operating Temperature Max85 å¡C
Operating Temperature Min-40 å¡C
Recommended Wire Size16 – 26 AWG
Power Jack5.5×2.1mm, Center Positive