MHUB0002 Micro-USB-Hub-v2


This device is a USB 2.0 hub . This is a multi-TT hub: it will perform better than a regular single-TT hub when several USB 1.1 devices are connected to it. It is tiny (42x28mm) and its size can even be cut down to 36x20mm, most probably one of the smallest you can find…

It is designed for DIY applications, for those who want to connect several USB devices in a tiny space. This hub does not have connectors for slave USB devices, but solder pads: you will be able to solder wires directly on it. Yoctopuce modules can be fixed on it using screws and spacers. This hub also supports external power supply, and will automatically switch from usb power to external power when available.

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The Swiss-made MHUB0002 Micro-USB-Hub-v2 is a very small USB hub (36x28mm) allowing do-it-yourself enthusiasts to connect up to four USB 2.0 peripherals to a single USB cable. It was conceived to be placed inside devices, while taking up a minimum of space. This hub was designed mainly to connect Yoctopuce modules, but it can very well be used with other USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, Full-Speed, or Low-Speed peripherals. The Micro USB Hub-v2 is a multi-TT hub, this allows better performance than a regular single TT hubs when several USB 1.1 devices, such a Yoctopuce products, are connected.

The Micro-USB-Hub-v2 is able to manage a double power supply. You can simply connect the Micro USB Hub-v2 as is to your computer, and your computer is then responsible to provide the power necessary to supply the whole. In this case, be aware that a USB port does not supply more than 500mA, theoretically. To follow the rules, you can provide a 5V power supply on the contacts designed for this on the Micro USB Hub-v2. Peripherals connected to the hub are then supplied by this external power supply. Warning: Make sure to get the correct polarity when you connect your power supply, otherwise you risk to destroy your hub and the USB peripherals connected to it.

Switching from the USB bus power supply and the external power supply is performed automatically, depending on the presence of voltage on the external power supply. In the opposite to traditional USB hubs, switching power supply is not based on a mechanical contact in the power socket. Thus, switching power supplies does not depend only on the presence of a connector. The led sitting right next to the external power port will shine if then the hub is running on external power.

Specifications of MHUB0002 Micro-USB-Hub-v2

  • Manufacturer Product Number –MHUB0002
  • Product name – Micro-USB-Hub-v2
  • Width – 28mm
  • Length – 42mm
  • Weight – 4g
  • USB connector – micro-B
  • Chipset – Microchip USB 2514BI (USB 2.0)
  • Normal operating temperature – 5…40°C
  • Extended operating temperature – -30…85°C
  • RoHS – yes
  • Made in – Switzerland

TITLE: MHUB0002 Micro-USB-Hub-v2

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in


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