8A Stepper Phidget

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Get moving with the 8A Stepper Phidget, a powerful Bipolar Stepper Phidget. With a maximum power supply of 30V, it can provide up to 8A of current to each stepper coil. The result is that you can control the position, velocity and acceleration of one large bipolar stepper using a port on your VINT Hub (See the Connection & Compatiblity tab for a list of hubs). Steppers are especially popular in applications where accurate positioning is important.

Safety and Protection

The Stepper Phidget comes with a number of safety features, since motors have a reputation of damaging unprotected circuits with current spikes when a motor stalls or changes direction under heavy load. There’s a fuse socket with a 10A automotive fuse to protect your Phidget in just such an occasion, and the power terminals are polarity protected in case the power supply gets wired up backwards. The VINT port on this Phidget is isolated from the power circuit, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your hub or computer if something goes wrong. Ensure that this Phidget is in a well-ventilated area if you plan on running it close to maximum specifications.

Power Saving Options

For power-conscious users, we also allow for separate control over the current limit and the holding current limit. If you know your motor will be stationary for long periods of time, but still needs a small amount of holding torque to maintain its position, you can set the holding current appropriately without interfering with the running current limit.



warningMake sure the power supply is unplugged before attaching or removing wires from the terminal blocks. Failure to do so could cause permanent damage to the Phidget.


Product Specifications of 8A Stepper Phidget

Board Properties
Controlled ByVINT
Controller Properties
Motor TypeBipolar Stepper
Number of Motor Ports1
Motor Position Resolution116 Step (40-Bit Signed)
Position Max± 1E+15 1/16 steps
Stepper Velocity Resolution1 1/16 steps/sec
Stepper Velocity Max115000 1/16 steps/sec
Stepper Acceleration Resolution1 1/16 steps/sec²
Stepper Acceleration Min2 1/16 steps/sec²
Stepper Acceleration Max1E+07 1/16 steps/sec²
Sampling Interval Min100 ms/sample
Sampling Interval Max60 s/sample
Electrical Properties
Available Current per Coil Max8 A
Supply Voltage Min10 V DC
Supply Voltage Max30 V DC
Current Consumption Min50 mA
Current Consumption Max7 A
Current Consumption Min (VINT Port)500 μA
Current Consumption Max (VINT Port)1 mA
Quiescent Power Consumption Max* 200 mW
Physical Properties
Recommended Wire Size10 – 12 AWG
Operating Temperature Min-20 °C
Operating Temperature Max85 °C

* Power consumption varies based on supply power. See the technical section of the User Guide for details.