TMP1101_0 4x Thermocouple Phidget

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Connect up to four K, J, E or T type thermocouples to this Phidget to measure the temperature of the air or an object.


With the TMP1101_0 4x Thermocouple Phidget, you can connect up to four thermocouples to a single VINT port, making it ideal for temperature testing and comparison. You can use a J, K, E or T type thermocouple; set the appropriate type in software and it will convert sensor data into degrees Celsius automatically. If you have other thermocouple types, you can open the channel in Voltage Input mode and convert to temperature manually according to your thermocouple’s datasheet.

SKU: TMP1101_0

Long Wires

One of the major advantages of using a thermocouple is the capability of using long wires. Thermocouples have been known to work with segments as long as 100m, while USB and other sensors suffer from voltage drops after 5 or 10m. You can find thermocouple extension wire on the Compatible Products tab. Please note that the longer you make your thermocouple wires, the more likely it is that you’ll experience noise and interference.


Product Specifications for TMP1101_0 4x Thermocouple Phidget

Controlled ByVINT
Number of Thermocouple Inputs4
Thermocouple Input
Thermocouple Error Max (K-Type)± 2 °C
Thermocouple Temperature Resolution (K-Type)0.04 °C
Sampling Interval Min100 ms/sample
Sampling Interval Max 60 s/sample
Thermocouple Voltage Resolution1 μV DC
Onboard Temperature Sensor
Temperature Error Max± 1 °C
Sampling Interval Max 60 s/sample
Sampling Interval Min500 ms/sample
Temperature Error Typical (At 25°C)± 0.25 °C
Temperature Resolution0.063 °C
Temperature Max85 °C
Temperature Min-40 °C
Electrical Properties
Current Consumption Min10 μA
Current Consumption Max5 mA
Physical Properties
Recommended Wire Size16 – 26 AWG
Operating Temperature Min-40 °C
Operating Temperature Max85 °C