DAQ1200_0 4x Digital Input Phidget

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Add 4 digital inputs to your VINT Hub. These inputs have a shorter trigger time than a VINT port in Digital Input mode.


If you need to expand the digital input of your VINT Hub, this module provides four extra inputs at minimal cost. Switches, buttons, or any device with a logic-level output can be read by these inputs.

SKU: DAQ1200_0

Other Options

If you need isolation, compatibility with higher voltages, or more digital inputs per VINT port, have a look at the “Other Digital Inputs” tab for more options. If you plan on counting pulses on a high-frequency signal (faster than 500 Hz) or to measure pulses shorter than 2ms in length, you’ll want to use one of our specialized frequency counter Phidgets instead.


Product Specifications

Board Properties
Controlled ByVINT
Electrical Properties
Current Consumption Min27 μA
Current Consumption Max* 2 mA
Digital Inputs
Number of Digital Inputs4
Digital Input Voltage Max5 V DC
Low Voltage Max (True)1.5 V DC
High Voltage Min (False)3.5 V DC
Low Voltage Trigger Length Min2 ms
High Voltage Trigger Length Min2 ms
Physical Properties
Recommended Wire Size16-26 AWG
Operating Temperature Min-40 °C
Operating Temperature Max85 °C

* Note: Current consumption is equal to 27µA plus 500µA for each digital input that is grounded.