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3052_1 SSR Relay Board 2.5A


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3052_1 SSR Relay Board 2.5A – Solid State Relays, or SSRs, are devices designed to operate like standard relays but without mechanical motion. By simply providing a small voltage to the control side of the circuit, you can open or close a higher powered circuit on the load side.

The SSR Board is safe to use with sensitive control devices like microprocessors, and will not damage a Phidget device or your PC. Optoisolation between the control inputs and outputs of the SSR in the form of an LED paired with a set of optically-controlled MOSFETs provides protection from output to input. An on-board diode across the relay output protects the board from static electricity and surges from inductive loads.

Product Specifications for 3052_1 SSR Relay Board 2.5A

Controlled By Digital Output (5V)
Electrical Properties
Relay Output Type MOSFET
Isolation Method Photoelectric
Dielectric Strength 1.5 kV AC
Control Voltage Min 3 V DC
Control Voltage Max 30 V DC
Control Current 10 mA
Load Voltage Max (DC) 40 V DC
Load Voltage Max (AC) 28 V AC
Load Current Max (AC) 2.5 A
Load Current Max (DC) 2.5 A
Turn-on Time Max 5 ms
Turn-off Time Max 0.2 ms
Contact Resistance Max 50 mΩ
Physical Properties
Recommended Wire Size (Load) 16 – 26 AWG
Recommended Wire Size (Control) 16 – 26 AWG
Operating Temperature Min -40 °C
Operating Temperature Max 85 °C

SKU: 3052_1
TITLE: 3052_1 SSR Relay Board 2.5A

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