1032_0B Phidget LED-64 Advanced

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The 1032_0B Phidget LED-64 Advanced allows you to independently control 64 Light Emitting Diodes. Each LED can have the current limit set individually, and the brightness controlled from 0 to 100% within that limit using current control. These LED outputs can also be used to interface other devices that benefit from current control (such as buzzers, fans, and other small, simple electronics).

Note: The 1032_0B Phidget LED-64 Advanced is identical to the 1032_0, except that you have the option of whether you want to include the USB and LED cables.

Most standard LEDs have forward voltages below 2.75 Volts, and can be used with the LED by simply soldering them to a connector-wire and inserting the wire into any PhidgetLED board output. The forward voltage will default to 2.75V, and the maximum current defaults to 20mA.

Comes Packaged with



  • Hardware mounting kit:
  • 4x M3 Bolts (2cm Length)
  • 4x Plastic spacers (5mm Length)
  • 4x M3 Nuts

Product Specifications of 1032_0B Phidget LED-64 Advanced

Board Properties
Controlled ByUSB (Mini-USB)
Number of LED Outputs64
API Object NameDigitalOutput
Physical Properties
Recommended Wire Size (Power Terminal)12 to 26 AWG
Power Jack5.5 x 2.1mm Center Positive
Operating Temperature Min-40 °C
Operating Temperature Max85 °C
Electrical Properties
Current Consumption Min70 mA
Supply Voltage Min6 V DC
Supply Voltage Max15 V DC
Selectable Output Voltage Levels1.7, 2.75, 3.9, 5.0 VDC
Output Current Limit Max(Per LED) 80 mA
LED Current Limit Max80 mA
LED Current Limit Resolution1.3 mA
USB SpeedFull Speed

TITLE: 1032_0B Phidget LED-64 Advanced