VCP1001_0 (±40V) Voltage Input Phidget

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This Phidget measures voltage potentials of up to ±40V. It connects to a VINT port and is isolated for increased reliability.


When a 0-5V voltage input isn’t enough, this Voltage Input Phidget can be used to measure voltages up to ±40V. You can select the voltage range (±5V, ±15V or ±40V) in software; a smaller range results in higher precision. This Phidget also has an automatic mode that continuously adjusts the range based on present voltage measurements, so you’ll always have the most accurate measurement possible.

SKU: VCP1001_0

Isolated for Stability

This Phidget is electrically isolated, so a power surge on the circuit you’re measuring will not damage your VINT Hub or your computer. Isolation also improves stability by eliminiating potential ground loops.


Product Specifications for VCP1001_0 (±40V) Voltage Input Phidget

Sensor Properties
Sensor TypeVoltage (DC)
Board Properties
Controlled ByVINT
Voltage Sensor
Withstand Voltage Max± 50 V DC
Number of Voltage Inputs1
Sensor Input Impedance1 MΩ
Voltage Difference Max± 40 V DC
Sampling Interval Min40 ms/sample
Sampling Interval Max 60 s/sample
±5V Range
Voltage Resolution200 μV DC
Voltage Offset Max5 mV DC
Measurement Error Max0.2 %
Voltage Noise3 mV DC
±15V Range
Voltage Resolution500 μV DC
Voltage Offset Max15 mV DC
Measurement Error Max0.2 %
Voltage Noise10 mV DC
±40V Range
Voltage Resolution1.2 mV DC
Voltage Offset Max40 mV DC
Measurement Error Max0.2 %
Voltage Noise25 mV DC
Electrical Properties
Current Consumption Max11 mA
Physical Properties
Recommended Wire Size16 – 26 AWG
Operating Temperature Min-40 °C
Operating Temperature Max85 °C