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WDOGDC01 Yocto Watchdog DC Timer

This USB-driven watchdog timer can automatically restart crashed computers running on DC current.

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That device can generate two distinct PWM signals using a frequency between 1Hz and 1Mhz.

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RELAYHI1 Yocto PowerRelay

USB interface driving a tiny electromagnetic relay capable of switching directly mains powered appliances, up to 1250W.

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RELAYLO1 Yocto Relay

USB module with two small relays for switching up to 57V / 2A

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SERVORC1 Yocto Servo

USB controller for driving up to 5 RC servo-motors, with optional external power supply.

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MXPWRRLY Yocto MaxiPowerRelay

Compact USB interface driving five electromagnetic relays capable of switching directly mains powered appliances, up to 1250W per channel.

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Isolated USB motor controller (ESC) for brushed DC motors 3…18V / 20A, with integrated current, voltage and temperature probes.

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TX420MA1 Yocto 4-20mA-Tx

Isolated 4-20mA generator. This is what you need to control by USB any device featuring a 4-20mA input.

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YBUZZER2 Yocto Buzzer

That little USB driven buzzer can make sound and light, a convenient way to get your user’s attention.

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YRGBLED2 Yocto Color V2 LED driver

This tiny USB device can drive up to 146 smart RGB LEDs such as WS2812B, WS2812C and SK6812.

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YMINIIO0 Yocto IO for 4 digital I/O

This device provides 4 digital I/O isolated from the USB bus.

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results