Phidgets and Raspberry Pi

Phidgets and Raspberry Pi

Now a week after our participation at the Makers Faire (#WMF15) at the Queens Science Museum in New York,  with a total attendance of 95,000 visitors!!! with many hundreds stopping by to check out the Phidgets boards and many questions about Raspberry Pi compatibility,

we are posting some links and information that will enable you to make this connection.

Last year, Phidgets posted about getting started with Phidgets on the Raspberry Pi. The tutorial will walk you through the basic installation of Linux, the Phidgets drivers and then get some examples running in C and/or python. It’s a good primer to get you started, but doesn’t go into much detail of setting up a real project.

Phidgets users have been sharing their projects and we wanted to highlight some of them, from finger strength tests to home automation.

It’s important to remember that the USB ports on the Raspberry Pi do not supply enough power to the Phidgets, so you will need a powered USB hub (like those available from Belkin, for instance). This is also necessary for Phidgets boards with their own power supply (like the 1062 and 1019) as that power is drawn for powering motors. Follow this link to learn more….

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