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Build it right with GER Electronics and Phidgets, Yoctopuce ! 

Your top US supplier of USB sensors, I/O and Networking


Whether you’re building a prototype to test a concept or integrating a seismic monitoring system to predict an earthquake, USB sensors, I/O and networking boards are always a first choice among engineers and hobbyist alike. GER Electronics provides a large inventory of Phidgets and Yoctopuce , two leading designers and manufacturers of functional USB boards, including Wireless Hubs,  actuators,  USB sensors, I/O boards, USB displays and more. Combining quality electronic components, ease of us use and affordability, you can always count on the GER Electronicsfor your next project!


Since 2016, GER Electronics has been a top US supplier of USB sensors, I/O and networking boards for a range of applications such as automation, prototype development, robotics, and STEM education.  We provide quality electronic components from the top manufacturers and are the most affordable products on the market today. GER Electronics focuses on making sure the electronics behave properly so all you have to do is plug in and go, allowing you to focus on the programming details of your final product.


What are USB sensors, I/O and networking?

They are high quality, low-cost electronic sensors and controls that are powered and communicate via the USB port on your computer. They are essentially USB peripherals. This enables a software application to interact with the physical world. These building blocks allow sensing and control through use of a computer, tablet or phone.



Offering a robust API, USB electronics allow for easy program writing and simple installation. Focusing on quality engineering and the affordability of electronic components, USB sensors, I/O and networking boards are universal so they can be used with a variety of operating systems and programming languages. The durability of these components allows for minimal replacements and since there is no proprietary software, there is nothing to download. Just plug in the device and go!


Phidgets and Yoctopuce support all major operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Phidget SBC, IOSIOS and Android. Though we recommend using Python as a default programming language, you can also use other in-depth API’s of your choice such as C#, C, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic .NET, Swift, Objective C, LabVIEW and Max/MSP.


What can USB sensors, I/O and networking be used for?

USB peripherals are a preferred choice among a variety of enterprises. This includes schools, businesses, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and researchers. Since USB peripherals can be used as a universal electronic component, it’s a very effective option for:


  • Building prototypes to test concepts, processes or products.
  • STEM education
  • Automating industrial processes and machine monitoring
  • Aiding in highly modified applications such as monitoring earthquake activity by incorporating a wireless network of spatial sensors.
  • Drone guidance systems
  • Data acquisition and recording
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