• Notes on Temperature Sensors

    Notes on Temperature measurement and sensors. 1. As of May 20,2019, the International System of Units (SI) was redefined and adopted. In this adoption, all base units of measure (length, time, mass, electrical current, thermodynamic temperature, amount of substance, luminous intensity) have been defined by the seven natural constants (speed of light, Planck constant, elementary […]

  • New wireless microHUB from Yoctopuce SARL.

    COMING SOON! Connect multiple sensors to a LTE cellular network! The new long-range YoctoHub based on the LTE technology. It supports the LTE-M (LTE Cat. M1) and NB-IoT (LTE Cat. NB1) standards. We selected these technologies because they are the easiest to implement for small and medium-sized businesses. Indeed, the YoctoHub doesn’t require setting up any particular infrastructure, nor […]