• Phidgets and Raspberry Pi

    Phidgets and Raspberry Pi Now a week after our participation at the Makers Faire (#WMF15) at the Queens Science Museum in New York,  with a total attendance of 95,000 visitors!!! with many hundreds stopping by to check out the Phidgets boards and many questions about Raspberry Pi compatibility, we are posting some links and information […]

  • Renewable Energy research on Long Island

    Cost Effective Energy Production from Biomass Waste Prof. Hazem Tawfik, Ph.D., P.E., C.Mfg.E. SUNY Distinguished Service Professor Director of the Institute for Research and Technology Transfer Chair of Mechanical Engineering Technology and Automotive Tech Department Director of the Renewable Energy from Biomass Waste Project   Recent concerns over the security and reliability of the world’s […]

  • Mobile Sensor Platform – New Product Launch

    A palm sized Mobile Sensor Platform – MOBY and its associated APP for data and video acquisition and display on Android and Apple phones and tablets. Three modes of wireless access are available; WiFi, WiFi hotspot and Bluetooth. For more details and specifications, please visit our website: www,greenenergyresearch.com More than 70 sensors from various makers are […]

  • The Utah Robotic Mining Project

    The Utah Robotic Mining Project is an exciting opportunity for students to develop skills in robotics, autonomous mining, and engineering project management while simultaneously engaging the community in fostering an understanding about the role of mining and robotics in our daily lives. The team was formed in 2014 to compete in the 2015 NASA Robotic Mining Competition […]

  • Philae and measurement

    We know now that after the bumpy landing there were several mishaps with the instruments on-board. The APXS, which we described in our previous post, malfunctioned. The problem was traced back to the shutters which never opened and the only x-ray spectra obtained was of the shutter material. The MUPUS, a heat measuring probe broke […]